Not having enough time is NOT the problem…

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Oftentimes when people talk about productivity, they focus entirely on the time-management aspect of productivity. They think all they need to do is organize their lives better and implement the latest time-management strategies — and then they get frustrated because no matter what they try, it doesn’t fix the issue…

Don’t get me wrong, organization & time-management ARE important and absolutely essential. But there are often deeper issues involved that these strategies alone can’t fix.

The bigger problem I see is that a PERCEIVED lack of productivity is, more often than not…

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I really hear you on this one! I know what it’s like to feel crushed under a massive to-do list. How it feels to be overwhelmed by all the tasks and chores that need to get done. To run around like a headless chicken or to procrastinate because you dread getting started…

The secret to shifting your perceived lack of time

Today, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret that will hopefully help you shift that experience.

It’s funny, but the experiences of the past months have somehow helped me shift my own mindset about having not enough…

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First of all, this is a very common feeling and nothing to be ashamed of. Now I hope, this doesn’t make you feel even less special!

Here’s the thing: The need to feel special is something that’s very deep-rooted in human nature.

Now when I say this, some people might say that this is not true for them and they don’t WANT to be special because wanting to be special and the center of attention does not align with their self-image. And they feel this is some sort of weakness or character flaw.

Yet the same people might still EXPECT…

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If humans were always behaving rationally, this simply wouldn’t happen. I mean, who in their right mind would opt for second best or worse?

Well, we all do.

We all waste money, time, and energy in all areas of our lives on things that don’t serve us anymore.

It can be little things like keeping a subscription to a magazine you never read. Or a membership to a gym you never use.

Or big things like not investing in your business to get ahead or staying in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy.

Raise your hand if you’ve done…

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Most of us know, or at least THINK we know, what we should be doing. Yet staying on track with our goals is so hard! We have the best intentions and yet we can’t resist the temptations… It’s so fascinating, right?!

Us humans are capable of so much greatness, and yet even very accomplished people make some foolish decisions and are bad at predicting their own behavior.

We all remember President Clinton for example, right? We can work diligently towards a goal and then make a couple of bad decisions that can ruin everything we’ve worked for. If you had…

If you’re a normal human being — I’m sure you have experienced these situations where you got in your own way, am I right?! Those situations when you wanted something but simultaneously felt this huge resistance inside?

Like you WANTED new clients — but actually reaching out to people and inviting them to a call with you felt like this big hurdle you just couldn’t get over?

Well, you’re certainly not alone with these experiences!! Let me tell you a little secret: Even people who look like they have it all figured out struggle with things like these at some…

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We all know these situations: There’s something on your to-do list that needs to get done — yet every time you even think about it, you feel this immense inner resistance.

You’re dragging your feet… You’re procrastinating… Cleaning the house never seemed more appealing… And shouldn’t you check your emails for the 100th time this morning in case you got a life-changing email?

The longer you wait, the worse it gets. Because not only does this one thing stay on your to-do list — you start to become increasingly annoyed with yourself and keep thinking: “Why is this so HARD??”

It’s not your fault

Did you know that your actions help define how you think about yourself?

Now you might be thinking — “Wait a sec, isn’t it the other way round?? Doesn’t the way I think about myself define the actions I take?”

Yes, young Padawan, that is correct too! But it actually works in both directions. That’s how intertwined your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are. They aren’t one-way streets. All the mindset elements influence each other.

Self-Perception Theory

So what we’re going to explore today is a concept that is called “Self-Perception Theory” and was developed by social psychologist Daryl Bem in 1972.


Gosh, consistency is something that I’ve struggled with for quite some time… It felt almost IMPOSSIBLE as long as the kids were babies/toddlers. My kids were born only 15months apart and the first years weren’t easy at all…

Zombie apocalypse…

They both were very fussy babies who cried a lot and didn’t sleep through the night. So I seriously didn’t have even one night of uninterrupted sleep for over a year after my son was born.

And once he started to sleep through the night, I was unable to sleep through the night for weeks because my sleep pattern was completely disrupted…

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Does the thought of selling alone make you feel queasy and uneasy?
Would you love your business if it wasn’t for the “sales” part of it?

Except that without the “sales” part, it wouldn’t be a business, right? So yes, that is a problem!

Well, if that’s you, you’re are not alone. This is very common. And I think there are a few mindset issues that could keep you stuck in this “discomfort zone”, as I like to call it.

Let’s have a look at what might be going on!

#1 Money mindset

If you’ve grown up with some unhealthy beliefs about money…

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I help ambitious entrepreneurs leverage the power of their minds to literally re-wire their brains for more inner peace, income & impact.

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